BEAST - live at Doug Fir Lounge, Feb 28th, 2015




BEAST opened for Old Man Gloom and Coliseum on Feb 28th, 2015 at very fancy Doug Fir lounge. Quit possibly our nosiest BEAST performance yet.

Review by Josh Muller:

"So I went and saw Beast, Coliseum and Old Man Gloom last night at the doug fir.I wasn't expecting noisecore for the first act, but good lord it was amazing. Beast performed a set that started hard and came in waves of harder. it was like running through a jungle at night, a dark shadow of a puma on your heels as you stumble, yournear heat stroked brain losing its ability to understand what's happening. the hammer beat of your heart rising into your head consuming the sound of the breaking branches and the footfalls. the bass took every surface of clothing, every piece of surface anatomy and made a drum of it, shaking your bones and the air in your lungs.

it transitioned into the sound of a typhoon uprooting trees and slamming them across the buildings of the alleyway where you're cowering from the onslaught, and then you hear the impossibly massive sound of the tidal wave lifting houses as the city that separates you from the raging sea crushes inward, coming for you.

Then came the tower of metal from the sky, like a skyscraper sized mecha broken by battle and screeching with every movement reached down to pick you up, only to fall, shattering in a super-massive hailstorm, a million tons of ripping metal and glass.

it was a beautiful cacophony, a full body experience that took you through an intuitive story of being on the cusp of overwhelmed. the layers constructed to be accessible, but securely fused in a wall of vibration and sound. it was one of the best shows I've seen a band put on, and I've seen a fair amount of metal shows. The image is of the lead guy screaming into a mouthpiece built into a custom string rigged cymbal. It was intense." - Josh Muller


released February 28, 2015

BEAST was a trio this evening.

John Haughm: Guitar/noise
Joe Preston: Synth/noise
Daniel Menche: Electronic drums/ noise



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BEAST Portland, Oregon

"BEAST" is a drum/noise project from Portland OR. Active since 2005. Daniel Menche being the core member and Arrow his tiny chihuahua on vocals. Open door guest artists also appear. It's Where the Wild Things Are" meets Monster Truck Racing but with a disco edge to it. ... more

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